Pole Fitness Themed Earrings

Pole Fitness Themed Earrings

Introducing a brand new product!


One of my best friends recently celebrated her 30th birthday and I wanted to give her something really special. That gift led onto this new product line which I am so excited to share with you all.


My friend is an incredibly talented pole fitness instructor and she owns her own business The Pole Studio in the UK. We thought we would turn a photograph of her from her recent photoshoot into a pair of earrings. They went down so well she allowed us to use a few of her other images to create pole fitness inspired jewelry for all you enthusiasts out there.


We have 3 designs to chose from currently in poses Scisscor Sit, Bow and Arrow and Figurehead, available in the following colours: red, light blue, light green or emerald green. Other colours available on request.


If you prefer to have your own image, we can turn that into a pair of earrings or a necklace too! The sky's the limit... Watch this space for more ideas!


My yorkshire terrier is currently perfecting his smile ready for me to take the perfect photograph... if only he was a little more obedient and would sit still for me


These are 3d printed using my resin printer and I only use sterling silver hooks.